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"Having practiced theater myself, I understand the necessities, on stage, for the actors. My aesthetic for each project is defined by the human relationship with the director, using teamwork and smooth communication in order to offer a true PLAY-ground for the cast and crew.


I find myself in both contemporary and traditional theatre and I try to answer a naturalistic approach with a more graphical and formal proposal in order to highlight the work and open the senses. By using this process I aim to support the project as much as possible whilst creating various opportunities for the actors/director.

I believe the text is usually self-sufficient for the understanding of the story and I try to play with the settings in order to offer a wider dimension of it. 

I like to experiment with moving sets that evolve and are created and revealed throughout the play, creating a transparency where everything is not given to be seen immediately.


I love Theater which opens perspectives, rather than presenting a ready-made image to the audience, defining a frame where one can better dream/think."

LL - Notes on Theatre Design.

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