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The Winter's Tale



1:25 modelbox

for William Shakespeare's play

The Winter’s Tale takes place in two locations which are, in appearance, complete opposites.
The hinge between the play's two times/places and the encounter of the two dramatic forms, annonces a sudden change of register in the tale and in form, from tragic to burlesque, from death to love. 


The varying colors and lines dynamics evoke, on one hand, stringent rules and grief (Sicily: black and white tones, austerity, harshness and rigidity of the body lines ...) and, on the other hand, a party and some freedom of mind (Bohemia : banners to saturated grounds, freedom of body, abundance, simplicity of life ..).


However, in the scenic device, one set is always perceptible under the other, and the other slowly rubs off the first one to revive the color and comedy in its tragedy.

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